My First Trunk Show!

Back in October, I had the first ever Twenty Thou trunk show. I had it at the best Jamaican restaurant in Chicago, Jamaica Jerk.  I was so nervous, I think I invited maybe about 36 people.  I was worried no one would show up LOL.  I did lots of googling to figure out how to display my items.  I ended up hitting the Salvation Army, and found several CD racks for a couple dollars a piece, to display my earrings, and I found this awesome bronze bowl to put stuff in too.  About a year before the show I moved, and sold all of my CDs, and gave away my CD racks which were very similar to the ones I purchased, this is why I’m a pack rat, when I throw stuff away I end up needing it later.  I even did a practice run at home LOL.

I arrived at Jamaica Jerk a couple hours before the show to set up everything, that went fine until I got ready to hang up the necklaces.  Like an idiot I somehow packed them all together, so they were a big ball LOL.  It took me at least an hour to get those necklaces apart, I eventually had to cut a couple of the ribbon necklaces to get them all apart.  (Unfortunately I didn’t learn my lesson, I did a craft show about a month later and the same thing happened, that time I had tried to pack them separate, but they still ended up getting tangled.)  I’ve learned my lesson now (finally) and now pack them in snack baggies.  I made my necklace display out of copper pipe, copper T joints, and copper elbow joints I bought at Home Depot.  They really are all about “You can build it, we can help”.  I found the pipes and asked one of the sales associates if they cut pipe, he was like no but you can.  So he showed me how to use a pipe cutter.  Now I kinda want one, in case I want to make something pipe related.  I think I have enough hobbies for now though.

About 15 people showed up, all of my buddies, and one friend of the owner of Jamaica Jerk. I even discovered a new wine, thanks to Mona, my wine rep.  I’m not much of a wine person unless it’s sweet, and she had one their called Blufeld.  So if you like sweet wines, this one is pretty good.

Blufeld Riesling

Check it out:

Trunk Show (10)

The sales table / dining table.


Trunk Show (11)

The sales table / dining table.


Trunk Show (12)

Me demoing an infinity scarf.


Trunk Show (13)

The spread, we had tequila sunrises, they were almost gone at this point. Hey Cory!


Trunk Show (14)

The jewelry spread.


Trunk Show (15)

My wonderful host Ryan showing off his noodle scarf.


Trunk Show (16)

Me standing in front of the scarf / record bowl table. I rarely wear dresses, but I like this one. Wine extraordinaire Mona in the back at her table.


Trunk Show (17)



Trunk Show (18)

Noodle scarves and their matching bags, forgive the blurriness.


Trunk Show (19)

Record bowls and infinity scarves.


Trunk Show (20)

Record bowls and infinity scarves.


Trunk Show (21)

Mona and Mary


Trunk Show (22)

My copper pipe display and framed price signage.


Trunk Show (23)

Twenty Thou earring setup, these are the CD racks.


Trunk Show (24)

Record bowls, record sleeve notebooks, & laptop cases.


Trunk Show (27)

The spread, we had a meat and cheese tray, a veggie tray, and chips and dip. And the chilled tequila sunrises.


Trunk Show (30)

A full house!


Trunk Show (31)

Record bowls, record sleeve notebooks, & laptop cases.

Afterwards we had an after party at Poitin Stil.

Trunk Show (1)

The host with the most, Ryan, out wine rep Mona, and myself. Cheers!


Trunk Show (2)

Ryan and I, cheers!


Trunk Show (3)

The fabulous Carol of Poitin Stil.


Trunk Show (4)

I love playing darts here.


Trunk Show (5)

So close to winning, but first time player Mona was the victor!


Trunk Show (6)

Group shot, Mona, Mary, myself, and Jay.


Trunk Show (7)

The host with the most again, Ryan.


Trunk Show (8)

What the heck am I laughing at?


Trunk Show (9)

Check out my pyrite lariat necklace and peanut seed bead dangle earrings. One of my favorite necklaces.

So this was definitely a ton of fun, can’t wait to do it bigger and better this year.  Hope to see you there!