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Twenty Thou is my own personal bailout. Between student loans/medical bills/and “I’m an idiot” credit card debt, my shoulders are very sore from the burden. I’ve seen many sites over the years where people have successfully gotten out of debt by asking strangers on the internet for money. Sort of a virtual panhandler. I believe in hard work, and would prefer a hand up instead of a hand out, and in today’s economy I’d feel better making my craftiness work for me instead of begging for money. There are people out there that definitely need charity more than I and I will even link you to a few, in case you can’t afford my jewelry / or don’t need jewelry but still want to help people.

My goal over the next few years is to sell approximately 20,000 items handmade by me at prices ranging from $5 – $35 each, with the majority of items costing $10. This will allow me to pay off all my debt, and will allow my customers to have new and unique items.

About Nicold

Nicold Pittman
Nicold Pittman
Geek, Designer, Educator, Crafter

I’m a web and graphic designer based in Chicago, who also enjoys working with my hands. I also teach web and design courses at a college here. I love making jewelry, I especially love looking for unique, funky, cool beads and findings that can make my work stand out. Hope you find something you like!

I have been making jewelry for years, mostly for myself or as gifts for friends. I started when I was in college, at a local bead shop there, and then went on to take a metalsmithing class there. I mostly make simple beaded and wire-wrapped jewelry and I hope to expand back to working with precious metals soon when I launch my more upscale line at ellabits.com that will feature precious stones, gems, and metals. I love using all types of materials, even ones not traditionally found in jewelry. My jewelry collection is created using glass, wood, and upcycled textiles such as denim and leather.

I also make record bowls, prints, laptop/phone sleeves, and much more. Will be adding them to the store soon.

To all of you, from Twenty Thou – Thanks!

Nicold Pittman

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