Intergalactic Bead Show Review and Finds

Remember Gus Gus from Cinderella lol.  Oooooo beads!  That’s how I feel when I go to bead shows.  This is my third one, I went on July 9th, to the Intergalactic Bead Show, at White Eagle Banquets in Niles. My strategy is to walk around first to price things and figure out what I’m going to purchase, and then I go back through and do the shopping.  This time when I went I had the bright idea to take pictures with my phone of the stuff I want so that I can go back through and identify where things were and not forget something, if you read my last blog post you’ll know my must haves were citrine and pyrite.  It’s interesting that multiple people have the same or similar beads, but the prices are different, that’s another reason why I walk around first.

Here’s pictures of the show.

So many shiny goodies.


Even more shiny goodies.


Table after table, row after row of all type of glass, semi precious stones, and metals.


Ooo what are they buying?


I love copper, got a few of these.


The beaded wood necklace pile, didn't find anything in there I wanted, I'd just take them apart for the beads anyways, I have may beads similar to these already though.


Glass beads and some gemstones.


Nice metal filigree beads and other shapes. Didn't end up with any of these, maybe next time.


I love these wood skulls, they were a bit pricey though, maybe next time.


Not sure what these are but they would have made sweet earrings, another next time purchase, I needed a bigger budget lol.


I liked the leaves but was worried that since the price was so low they may change colors, I try to avoid that.


Love these crystals, these will be another next time purchase.

And now for the goodies I did buy!

Beautiful agate in various colors, one of my favorite stones, right after hematite, and then pyrite.


Some brass and copper accents.


Copper beads in different shapes and copper tubing.


Tiny yellow turquoise cubes and carnelian cylinders.




And I managed to get what I came from, some faceted citrine rondelles, and pyrite chunks.


Couple different glass beads I got too, these will make great spacers.


I didn't get these at the show but bought it around the same time, perfect for some cute tassel earrings.


Well hope you enjoyed my recap, I’ll have to update you with the things I’ve made from all my goodies!

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